Bobcat West Coast Red Ale

Availability: 473mL Cans | 30L Kegs | 2L Growlers

West Coast American Pale Ales and IPAs have inspired Bobcat. Hops are loaded from top to bottom in this ruby red beer showing off aromatic pine, zest, fresh citrus and tropical fruit. The body is smooth and gently bitter, while the hop aromas are bright and vibrant.

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Illustration of Doc Perdue and His Bobcat

The story of Bobcat

Doc Perdue was Blyth’s veterinarian in the late 1880’s who had a penchant for collecting exotic animals and a love of drink. When once cut off for being over served at the local saloon, he marched home and returned with a bobcat on a leash, threatening to let it loose if he didn’t get another drink.

We are grateful for the assistance of the Repository of Blyth History as a source of names and stories of colourful Blyth characters.

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Cowbell’s Founders’ Series is our year-round collection of unique and delicious beers, each named for colourful and remarkable characters from Blyth’s past. The stories of these village characters are true — just like our passion for sharing great beer with our community.