Milestone Moments - New & Improved

  • August 1st, 2020
  • By Steven Sparling

Celebrating 3 Years!

In a typical year, most of us celebrate life’s milestone moments -from weddings and anniversaries, to team championships or a new house- with family and friends. This year, despite being 2020, none of us can see or plan anything as clearly as we would like. Talk about anti-prophetic.

So, we take this shipload of lemons, and we make lemonade. Lots and lots of lemonade. We modify our expectations and we adapt to the current normal.

At Cowbell, we opened our doors to the village of Blyth on August 5, 2017 and two days later, to the rest of the world. These were powerful milestone moments for my family and in the life of our young startup. We are grateful for the moments like this - and hundreds since. We appreciate your support for our people, our story, our beer and for Canada’s Destination Brewery - the Cowbell Farm.

In years one and two, we celebrated with thousands of Guests, enjoyed special events, custom tours, hometown BBQ and, of course, Almanac, Cowbell’s glorious Anniversary beer. Wonderful. But our third year will be celebrated in a significantly different way.

Since Ontario began to reopen, we recognize the historic nature of what we have experienced together since March. Overnight, businesses went dark, lives were disrupted, dreams were challenged, uncertainty loomed - while at the other end of the lemonade spectrum, students enjoyed (and parents endured) the longest March Break ever.

We are grateful for your support and, on behalf of our TEAM, we appreciate that your support continued throughout the shutdown. Grateful Bread. Curbside Pick-Up. Cowbell’s Online Store. The Green. Reopening Mil’s Verandah and Henry’s Hall. For continuing to enjoy Cowbell from LCBO, TBS, grocery and retail stores. Thanks to you, we will celebrate our third anniversary, quietly and with little fanfare, but we will celebrate. Most of our TEAM is back to work and we salute all the other teams -including our colleagues in brewing, food and beverage, hospitality and accommodation, supply chains and trades- who are working their way back to some kind of normal.

These are complicated and exceptional times. So, let’s uncomplicate what we are able. Celebrate responsibly with family and friends. And if you don’t have a traditional milestone moment to celebrate right now, take a closer look. In recent months, we may have gotten a little wiser. Milestones have been mercifully simplified. So, go ahead, Celebrate. And not just the chronological, contrived or manufactured stuff, either. Even simpler than that. Celebrate good health. Celebrate having a job or a job prospect. Celebrate a hug (the real kind). Celebrate blue skies. Celebrate the return of basketball or hockey. Celebrate a burger from the BBQ, a walk with a friend, a day trip, the smell of fresh cut lawn, or clean underwear. Heck, celebrate a Thursday, because you can.

If we haven’t learned anything in the last few months, but to be grateful, we are now free to redefine milestone moments. To celebrate. How awesome is that?!

Thanks for being part of the journey. Cheers to the Moments that really matter.