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Cowbell is a great place to work. We are passionate about contributing to the local community by providing employment opportunities and helping grow the economy. Our values include the ingredients of ethical, environmental and social responsibility — working together for a better community . . . and great beer! Browse our current job postings and reach out to us.

General Accountant

Blyth, ON

The General Accountant is a dynamic new role within the Cowbell Finance Team. It would be ideal for an experienced accounting manager or recently designated accountant looking to take the next step towards a senior accounting position within a growing organization. Reporting to the Director, Finance & Accounting, the General Accountant will be responsible for handling and recording internal financial transactions as well as managing account entries, documents, payments and finances for the company.

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Example Duties

Under the supervision of the Director, Finance & Accounting, the duties and responsibilities of the General Accountant include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Full general ledger responsibility for subsidiary companies;
    • Monthly Reconciliations (Bank, Prepaid, Capital Assets, Accruals, Payables)
    • Daily record keeping (Intercompany balances, payables, bank transfers)
    • Government Remittances
  • Balance sheet account management and reconciliation for main operating company;
    • Bank Reconciliations, Prepaid Expenses, Capital Assets, Current Liabilities, Intangible Assets
  • Point of sale system transactions and payment reconciliation;
    • Full management of Cowbell Restaurant & Cowbell Direct to Consumer accounting activity (reconciliation of payments, full cash handling responsibility, reconciling activity to accounting software)
  • Cash flow forecasting and bank reconciliation;
    • Maintain accurate cash forecast for upcoming 12 weeks,
    • Manage bank activity (intercompany transfers)
  • Submission and review of government remittances;
    • Beer Tax, Excise Duty, HST, etc.
  • Develop and maintain a weekly KPI dashboard for the company;
  • Constant evaluation of processes for improvement and efficiencies;
  • Other duties as assigned.

We are Cowbell.

Cowbell’s leaders are resolute in the support of the values to which this company will aspire and honour, the kind of organic culture our workplace will develop, and the reputation for disciplined leadership and product excellence we will achieve together.

Cowbell is growing and so is the team. What also continues to grow is a strong and dynamic organic culture that underpins the four pillars at Cowbell: integrity, quality, community, and social responsibility. Everything we do is measured against these values to ensure that we are true to ourselves and what we would like to be when we grow up.

The values to which we ascribe influence everything we do, from branding to contractor selection. We will only work with qualified, tier one manufacturers, vendors, suppliers and trades and we will hold ourselves mutually accountable to established and measured best practices. This includes fully-implemented quality assurance, quality control and environmental protocols. Cowbell will be transparent in its initiatives.

  • Integrity

    Defines our character.
  • Community

    Stronger together.
  • Quality

    In everything we do.
  • Social Responsibility

    Lead by example.

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