Craft Beer that rings true

Now available at the LCBO. Visit Cowbell Brewing Co. in Blyth, Spring 2017.

Can you hear that ringing from Huron County? It’s the sound of pride and a call to beer lovers that something fresh, bold and tasty has arrived. Famous for our Blyth Festival Theatre, the only theatre in Canada to premiere 100% Canadian content, we’re contributing something a bit different to the craft beer scene – and a lot different for Huron County.

Absent Landlord

Country Kolsch

Availability: 473 mL Cans, 30 L Kegs

Founded in 1855 as Drummond, Blyth was renamed the same year after a wealthy landowner in Berkshire, England bought the majority of the town, sight unseen. Henry Blyth, Esq. never made the ocean voyage to visit his namesake in Canada.

Absent Landlord is named after Henry. It is our expression of a Kölsch-style beer brewed with a perfect combination of old world and new world ingredients, fermented warm, and left honest. It's unfiltered and unpasteurized to let its elegant and delicious flavours stand proud.

Pairing: Soft cheese, grilled meats, pastries

Tasting: Elegant yellow fruits, floral, lemongrass

We are grateful for the assistance of the Repository of Blyth History as a source of names and stories of colourful Blyth characters.

Our little Story

Opening Spring 2017.

At the corner of Highways 4 and 25, in Blyth, Ontario, a group of dedicated Huron County boosters and residents - led by the Sparling family, are building an ambitious craft brewery. Cowbell will be unlike anything in the country.

Grandpa Sparling's sons, Steven and David, built Sparling's Propane on Grandpa Sparling's land. It grew to be one of the largest propane retailers in Canada before it was sold to a national energy company. Taking this business expertise into craft brewing means that Steven, David, and the third generation, Grant Sparling, will lead a team that is committed to outstanding beer and memorable experiences at a 111-acre destination brewery and working farm. Plans include a state-of-the-art 50HL closed-loop brewhouse with indoor and outdoor seating for over 216, private dining and meeting spaces, and an outdoor entertainment venue for live music, culture, and athletic events.

The Team

Our extraordinary team is unusual for a start-up – experience and expertise in equal measure have brewed leadership. Our values include the ingredients of ethical, environmental and social responsibility – working together for a better community – and great beer!

  • Steven Sparling Steven SparlingPresident & C.E.O.
  • David Sparling David SparlingVice President
  • Grant Sparling Grant SparlingV.P. Operations & General Manager
  • Jim Gilmore Jim GilmoreDirector, Finance
  • Dave Clarke Dave ClarkeChief Commercial Officer
  • Stephen Rich Stephen RichBrewmaster, Director - Brewing Operations
  • Genny Smith Genny SmithDirector, Country Cool Experiences
  • Kathryn Peach Kathryn PeachCoordinator, Country Cool Experiences
  • Candace Chaffe Candace ChaffeManager, Finance

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Now available at the LCBO. Visit Cowbell Brewing Co. in Blyth, Spring 2017.

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