Ranch Water and Hijinx Cans

How It works

The Cowbell Team is on the road delivering to our neighbouring communities!

1. Orders can be placed online or over the phone during regular business hours.
2. We deliver kegs on Thursday’s so that your tasty brew is settled for the weekend!
3. Orders accepted up to and including midnight Tuesday prior to Thursday’s delivery window.

Keg Deposits & Refunds. 

1. All kegs require a deposit of $50.
2. Return empty kegs to the Cowbell Retail Store and your deposit will be refunded.

Empty Keg Pickup. 

1. If you are in possession of a Cowbell keg and order another full keg, we will pick up and refund your empty keg when we drop off your new one!

Keg Pumps?

While we pride ourselves on offering an exceptional selection of brews to elevate your experience, please note that we do not provide keg pumps.

Must be 19 years or older to purchase and receive your delivery!


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