About Us

As with any new venture, the Cowbell story began with a dream. In 2016, when a group of successful craft beer enthusiasts looked out at the more than 120 acres of Huron County farmland at the corner of Highways 4 and 25, they saw more than a tractor. They saw a place where friends could gather for good times, delicious food, and great beer. They saw Cowbell Country.

Their dream was an ambitious one. As Canada’s Destination Brewery, Cowbell had to be accessible, inclusive, sustainable, socially responsible, and family-friendly. It had to provide folks with a place to escape the hustle and bustle of everyday life, while embracing family and friends, wholesome food, and the craftsmanship and care that goes into every Cowbell beverage.

Cowbell Brewing Co. opened its doors on August 5, 2017. Today, guests can experience firsthand Cowbell’s grand old barn architecture, state-of-the-art brewing and packaging facility, family-friendly restaurant, brewhouse bar, fully-equipped games room and tented beer garden.

Accessibility & Inclusivity

Everyone is Welcome in Cowbell Country!

Cowbell Country is a place where friends, families, and colleagues can come to comfortably and safely enjoy good times, delicious food, and fantastic craft beverages. That’s why the Cowbell Brewing Restaurant, Patio, Bar, Games Room, and Beer Garden are fully accessible and all Cowbell venues are inclusive. Plus, Cowbell staff members who interact with our guests receive accessibility training – and all staff receive diversity and inclusion training annually.

Here are just some of the Accessibility & Inclusion features you’ll discover in Cowbell Country:

  • Accessible parking spaces.
  • Hard landscaping for ease of mobility.
  • Wide entrance with heated walkways to provide safe, clear pathways.
  • Automated doors.
  • Contrasting colours and bandings.
  • Accommodated service counter at reception.
  • Tactile elevator symbols.
  • Tactile warning strips at the entrance, on the edges of exit stairs, and prominent areas.
  • Two universal washrooms, one with an adult-size change table.
  • Accessible restaurant and patio.
  • Accommodated seating arrangements are available upon request (e.g., wider pathways for wheelchairs or sighted guide for persons with vision loss).
  • Certified service dogs are welcome at the brewery.
  • Accommodated guided tours available upon request. Please pre-register and state if an attendant is required.
  • Guided Tour scripts are available upon request in 10 languages: Arabic, Bengali, Dutch, French, German, Hindi, Italian, Mandarin, Portuguese, Spanish, Russian.
  • Cowbell’s Accessibility Committee and Diversity & Inclusion Committee meet on a regular basis to review, assess, and improve our policies and procedure. More information is available upon request. All documentation can be made available in alternative formats upon request by contacting Cowbell Brewing Co. by phone at 1-844-523-4724 or by email at hello@cowbellbrewing.com.

May all who visit Cowbell Country as our guests leave as friends.