Do I have to have an account to earn Cowbell Coins points?

 Any purchase that is associated with an email either through an online purchase or receiving an email receipt will automatically earn points. 

How do I find my Cowbell Coin Portal?

On any page of the Cowbell website, click on the small icon on the bottom right of the screen to open the rewards portal. Desktop (Rewards Program) Mobile (Present Icon) 

How do I redeem my Cowbell Coins?

Open the portal, the first time you will have to click JOIN. Any instances after initial sign up use the Sign-in function. Coins available to you will show up at the top of your portal

Do I earn Cowbell Coins in the Restaurant?

Unfortunately no, at this time Cowbell Coins are exclusively earned in the Cowbell General Store and Online Store. 

I have Cowbell Coins, why can't I redeem a Gift Card?

Members must have at least 2500 Cowbell Coins in order to redeem a gift card.

What if I have questions?

To reach our Cowbell Online Store Customer Service, send an email to, or use our chat feature. We are available from 9:00am-5:00pm EST, Monday-Friday.