Donation & Sponsorship Requests

Donation & Sponsorship Guidelines and Criteria:

Cowbell will consider donation & sponsorship requests from non-profit organizations, charities and causes that are beneficial to our local community. At this time, we do not sponsor projects or events outside of Canada.

As we are a young company, our donation & sponsorship budget is limited compared to the volume of requests we receive. At this time, we offer product, merchandise and VIP Tour ticket donations.

We are unable to accommodate requests for cash donations. 

Because of the nature of our business, we do not sponsor events that target children or individuals under the age of 19. We may consider fundraisers for youth leagues and families in need if they are run by adults and the target audience is adults. 

Alignment with our values:

The event or project must align with our core values. We prioritize donations & sponsorships for organizations and events that promote environmental stewardship, accessibility and inclusivity, and our local community. 


The event or project must positively impact the community or cause and demonstrate measurable outcomes.


Please submit your request well in advance of the event or project. We require a minimum of 4 weeks’ notice for all donation & sponsorship requests.